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About Me Sanne Leenman

Social, adventurous and passionate about health, that’s me. I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and fitness enthusiast.  You can find me 6 days a week in the gym to do strength training. Besides training, I get fuelled by spending time with others, singing, a good steak, brainstorming and going on wildlife adventures (kayaking, snorkeling) occasionally.

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Coaching others and striving towards results is one of my biggest passions and the reason why I have become a NASM certified Personal Trainer.  I enjoy spending time with my clients in the gym to get to know them, motivate and instruct them one-on-one.  If you live close, please don't hesitate to ask me to schedule a  training session with you.  If you don't, no problem I can still help you online.

In addition to personal training, I focus on helping trainees, who are serious about their diet, form a meal plan that fits into their daily lifestyle. I work together with several personal trainers for whom I completely manage the meal plans of their clients.

If you're curious about my nutrition coaching, you can find more info here. Please note that if you choose to hire me as your personal trainer, complete nutrition coaching is included.

My Approach

I find it very important that I truly understand my clients. I won't give you a standardized exercise program or meal plan template. My approach is to make a program individually based on, amongst others, your goals, body composition, commitment,  level of experience and lifestyle.

I monitor you closely to estimate with you what works best for you to make your program well- suited.  I'll do all I can to make the coaching successful and I expect the same from you!

Personal Info



Online Personal Training

I can help you online to set up realistic goals and achieve them.  

Face to Face Coaching

If you live near me, please contact me to schedule a training session in the gym.

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching

I offer individual meal plans with or without nutrition coaching.


I'd like to hear from you! If you want to learn more about my coaching services, prices or if you have any other questions, drop me a line on  info@sanneleenman.com and I will get back with you shortly.